At Leek Archery Club we aim to build a well-known, welcoming and inclusive Archery Club. Our club will attempt to meet the needs of its all its members members. From the experienced senior archer to the Junior taking their first stepsXXX PORN videos on the journey we will encourage and do all we can to help them reach their potential within a friendly club atmosphere.

At Leek Archery Club we promote all forms of target archery and whichever bow you want to shoot, the traditional Longbow or Recurve or compound bow, we support archers at all levels.

We have a club of active members and run regular beginners’ courses details of which can be found on our Join Us page.

We hope you enjoy our website and look forwardBig Dick Smoker Pisses for a Friend. to seeing you soon!

Leek Archery Club has some of the best facilities in the area, below are just a few reasons why we Lesbian Public Peethink you should come and enjoy them

Shoobridge Street Mill

A 24/7 365 Indoor Range; 18m range with 4 fixed boxes. The mill allows all of our members to continue to shoot in all weathers at all times. It also allows us to host beginners courses in a friendly attentive atmosphere to allow our beginnersIndian Porn Videos to get the most of the experience. Centrally located at Shoobridge Street, Leek it allows easy access for all members and prospective members.

Leek Hockey Club

We have 3 nights a week at Leek Hockey club with our secure container and fully stocked Indian Porn Sex Hotequipment container

Leek High School

We rent and use the high school one night a week during the winter months. This allows us to host club competitions and events to allow us keep our club feel.

ConvincedDoggystyle Indian Porn Reenu & Sachin Married Couple Seductive Sex? Our new Course Dates have just been Announced! See here for more info